jenell bear, 22

a multi-media artist holding a dcs in graphic design and currently enrolled in bfa photography at concordia university


2018 - PRESENT


Digital + analog photography projects and personal archive.

2015 - PRESENT

Graphic Design

Recent professional projects and an archive of my college porfolio.

2008 - PRESENT

Art + Illustration

A life-long collection of prints, sketches, artist books, and more.

about me

Hi! I'm a 22-year-old student practising in Montréal, Québéc, originally from Cold Lake, Alberta. I'm in my third and final year at Concordia University, with a DCS in Graphic Design and a background in art. I'm passionate about web design, printmaking and photographing Read more...


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Going into my third and final year at Concordia University, working towards a BFA Photography. I practise digital + analog formats (35mm + 4x5) applying an interest towards black-and-white film experimentation and becoming familiar with darkroom and inkjet printing. My student portfolio mainly focuses on experimentation, identity and personal narrative.

After graduating from Dawson College with a DCS in Graphic Design in 2018, the non-profit organization, 4 Korners Family Resource Center allowed me to work part-time in website design from home in Montreal. My experience thence includes creating visual identities for various organizations and independent companies based throughout North America.

During high school I consistently applied an interest towards illustration and photography in class and my personal life. The more advanced art classes from secondary 4-5 introduced me to various processes that I continue to practise to this day, such as lioneum printmaking; Science class equiped me with a basic knowledge applied towards woodworking in theory and practise.

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