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Jenell Bear is a multimedia artist, working with digital illustration, graphite, watercolour and various printmaking techniques.

ᓇᑲᑕᐢᑫᐤ (nakataskêw) (V.E. IV 1/1), Multimedia Print, 2021

ᓇᑲᑕᐢᑫᐤ (nakataskêw) (V.E. I 1/5), Multimedia Print, 2021

ᒥᐦᑲᐧᐢᑳᐤ (mihkwaskâw) (V.E. IV 1/1), Multimedia Print, 2021

ᒥᐦᑲᐧᐢᑳᐤ (mihkwaskâw) (V.E. III 1/1), Multimedia Print, 2021

ᒥᐦᑲᐧᐢᑳᐤ (mihkwaskâw) (V.E. I), Digital Illustration, 2021

ᒥᐦᑲᐧᐢᑳᐤ (mihkwaskâw) (V.E. II 1/1), Multimedia Print, 2021

Mother Muskoday (V.E. II 4/4), Silkscreen Print, 2021

Mother Muskoday (V.E. I 5/5), Silkscreen Print, 2021

The Child® (Fan Art), Digital Illustration, 2021

Strawberry Skull, Digital Illustration, 2020

Inside, Outside, Inside-Out (Sketchbook), Mixed Media, 2020

Cree Star, Watercolour Stencil, 2020

Alberta, Linoprint, 2020

Bear Snooze, Linoprint, 2020

Bulldog Face, Monoprint, 2020


Muskoday First Nation (Sketchbook), Watercolour and Ink, 2020

Brothers, Multi-Plate Intaglio Print, 2019

Tranquil Toad, Intaglio Print, 2019

Pages from DRAW200-W19 (Sketchbook), Mixed Media, 2019

A.I. Alice, Watercolour and Ink, 2019

Maxime, Digital Illustration, 2018

Bee-Hind, Linoprint, 2018

Bee-Side, Linoprint, 2018

Pages from 32 Objects (Sketchbook), Mixed Media, 2018

Baby Lexi, Graphite, 2018

Hair Clip x Bulldog, Linoprint, 2017

Andy Warhol Tribute, Woodworking, 2017

Letter J, Woodworking, 2016

My practise for serious illustration started around the age of 10 in 2008, and I continue to discover new techniques today. I applied my interest in art towards two degrees: Graphic Design (DCS), and Photography (BFA). Both degrees had various art classes where I learned a lot outside of the core program, particularly illustration, woodworking, and printmaking.

Various Illustrations

Graphite Pencil, Ink, 2008-2015

In reference to digital images found online, my initial practise mostly consisted of graphite photo-realism portraits and reproducing existing art to experiment with other media.

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recent projects

Optical Illusions

A photographic representation of Social Anxiety

Gen Robert L Scott Logo

Vectorization of a low-quality image to become the organization logo

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