Jenell Bear focuses her photographic work on lifestyle and uses the medium as a form of expressing identity. She is a multidisciplinary Cree artist from Alberta, currently living in Quebec. Her art mainly depicts personal narrative, speaking on the experiences of relationships, trauma and anxieties. Graduating with a BFA in Photography in April 2021, she also holds a DÉC in Graphic Design, and will be continuing Design studies at Concordia University this Fall.

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Self-Taught Artist, 2008

Age 10, St. Jean-Sur-Richelieu, QC

Being known as the artist / designated poster-maker for school projects I was practising graphite illustration in my free time.

The basics of drawing and painting were explored in high school art classes. Towards the end of the GED I was introduced to linoleum relief printmaking, DSLR photography and woodworking.

Using online platforms to create websites (Tumblr, Weebly and WordPress) I learned the basics of HTML and developed an interest for graphic design.

Graphic Design DEC, 2015–18

Age 17–20, Montréal, QC

I was introduced to the Adobe Suite, scanners, inkjet printers, the history of design and screenprinting. The final year especially involved applying our prior years' learning to design elements; especially branding and publications: colour, layout and typography. I developed an advanced comprehension for many forms of art including illustration, printmaking, woodworking, studio photography, and HTML developing.

Graduating with honours, my design portfolio ranges from motion graphics, publication design, visual identity and website design.

Since 2017, I have professionally worked alongside the independent IT Service, Bear Prime (FKA KMB Technologies). From 2018, contracts have alternated from Dawson College, 4Korners, and other independent North American businesses and organisations.

BFA Photography, 2018–2021

Age 20-22, Montréal, QC

Graduating from Concordia in Spring of 2021 after being taught the process of shooting, developing and printing film (colour + black-and-white, 35mm + 4x5).

Electives allowed me to develop an understanding for other art disciplines such as sound design in cinema, printmaking, and the respective histories of fine art, photography, drawing and Inuit printmaking.

I have exercised my knowledge for drawing, scanning, inkjet printing, understanding colour, DSLR photography and have a particularly advanced understanding for Adobe Photoshop.

Towards the end of my studies, I explored screenprinting, linguistics, and the German language.

DCS Graphic Design Archive

A portfolio from my college studies

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