DCS Graphic Design Archive

Student projects completed in 2015-2018 from my DCS (Diploma of College Studies) Graphic Design education.

Graduate Portfolio

HTML coding and Web Design, 2018

A website presentation of my DCS portfolio which would be displayed indefinitely on the Dawson College Graphic Design webpage. Each student would design and develop their own website using skills acquired in HTML coding classes.

Visit it here!

Demo Reel

Motion Graphics, 2018

An animation demonstrating my favourite projects from my three years of studying at Dawson College.

(In multimedia terms "demo reel" means a showcase of project pieces created by the artist.)

Social Issue: Alzheimer's Disease

Promotional Design, 2017

Many Alzheimer patients are put through many tests to see if they possess the disease. One of those tests is drawing clocks. For this poster, I visually represented the degradation of a patient's mind during the development of dementia from start to finish. I first digitally drew the clocks on Adobe Illustrator, then printed and re-drew by hand to have the real hand-drawn texture on the final. Many techniques were tested during this project to mirror the true handwriting of someone with Alzheimer's, and the best was drawing with my non-dominant hand in low-lighting.

Vernissage Poster

Promotional Design, 2018

Each student was asked to create a poster that could visually represent our graduating year. After sketching illustrations of objects that have an "18" in them, I ended up finding that binoculars work perfectly, the side of the cylinder is the "1" and the eye holes are the "8" alluding to "2018." The binoculars describe that we're always discovering something new with each project we complete.

Empathy Animation

Motion Graphics, 2018

Based on a poem by Harun Yahya, where a man finds himself living the same repetitive life everyday until he compares himself to a bird and sets himself free. This animation is digitally drawn frame-by-frame using a mouse and Adobe Photoshop, and is based on imagery photographed around my apartment. Each student was randomly assigned a word from basic human needs, based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. I was assigned "Empathy" and wanted to create something less literal towards the meaning, and explore stop motion animating to challenge myself, and stray away from shapes and objects with special effects in Adobe After Effects.

Institute Euphoria

Branding Design, 2018

A local Montreal spa that requested help for giving their company a pick-me-up, the revamped look given to the institute alludes to a calmer, more relaxed state of mind while visiting the location. Colours were toned down, the logo is quieter, and the overall image of the company is cleaner and more spacious.

Programme Brochure

Publication Design, 2018

By the theme of chairs found around the 4G (graphic design) wing of the college, this brochure displays the progression of years while studying graphic design at Dawson. First year is based on the public lab, the second year is the "hang out zone" (when there's no class), and third year is the third year lab chairs. Projects between the program information also contain chairs, and are created by current and past students of the program. Other odd chairs found around the 4G wing can be found at the "Faculty" section of the brochure.

Matthew Herbert Concert Poster

Advertising Design, 2017

Matthew Herbert's album "The End of Silence" is a very unique eclectic album, and the poster visually represents the intense sounds that can be heard on it. The album is entirely based on a 5-second clip of a bomb dropping recorded by a Libya-based photographer during the Ra’s Lanuf battle of 2011. This project includes an invitation to be sent out regarding the performance.

E-Cookbook: Indian at Home

Publication Design, 2017

For this project, I followed recipes found online that were incorporated into the book. Later, I took photographs of each finished recipe, and their ingredients to incorporate into the recipe pages, and in-between pages that contained facts about Indian food and its history.

Lanterns of Ville-Émard

Information Design, 2017

Digitally drawn on Adobe Illustrator based on photographed imagery of lanterns found around Montreal's Ville Émard, located between LaSalle and Verdun. These illustrations are integrated into a map of the area to find where each lantern could be found.

Crude Cleaner

Packaging Design, 2017

This line of fictional cleaning supplies is made of all-natural ingredients, targeted for families with small children or dogs who might accidentally consume other toxic chemical-filled products, or just people who want to make a better impact on the world. Supplies include Bleach, floor cleaner and dish soap. "Crude" was a hand-written font created during this project to allude to the true rawness of the product.

Pawfect Match Adoption

Video Production, 2017

Explorations in Video Production 2017, Dawson College.

A group project where we created a fictional company and a supporting one-minute video advertisement. We created a dog adoption business called "Pawfect Match." (Logo animation credit: Voltaire Dela Cerna)

OP! Art Animation

Motion Graphics, 2017

A short 30-second video using only Adobe After Effects to promote the OP! (Optical) Art Exhibition held at Musée des Beaux-Art de Montreal (Montreal Museum of Fine Arts). Animation scenes are based on OP artist, Denis Juneau.

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