inside, outside, inside-out

summer 2020

A hand-bound sketchbook created for the class DRAW300 in my second year at Concordia U. I took this project on the more traditional route: in/outside meaning in/outdoors, and inside-out referring to things found behind an enclosure.

Living Patterns of the Everyday

summer 2020

A digital printmaking sketchbook for a class taken online during the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on the current world situation and being confined to our homes, we were prompted to create prints at home opposed to in a studio, which meant working with what we have. This was my first attempt at monoprint technique and

metamorphosis, self-portraits and textures

winter 2019

A hand-bound sketchbook using various papers promoting the use of different mediums.
Completed in my first year / second semester at Concordia U.

32 tools

autumn 2018

A collection of drawings using 32 different tools completed in my first semester at Concordia U. The freedom of having no set theme or concept for this sketchbook meant facing a lot of artist's block. Especially after losing my brother, I was on the rocks, emotionally and was looking to find myself artistically. Admittedly, not a lot of planning went into this book and it is one of my least favourite for that reason. I attempted to exercise my sketching from imagination (using no reference) but this sketchbook proved I still had to practise or find a different style or technique.

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